Simulation Training

Learner CVL Training Tips:

1. Use the Grading Checklists! (The Grading Checklists have been revised February 2019 – make sure to use the latest version.)  The checklists have been developed to help define the standardized steps that all MedStar Health residents must perform during CVL placement. They are an excellent tool to guide practice and training sessions.  Residents should start reviewing the grading checklists well in advance of both practice/testing sessions.

2. Use the Videos. The 5 online MedStar SiTEL modules for CVL placement and removal include the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) CVL placement videos. These are an excellent resource to refresh interns on the necessary steps. While they may not want to re-take the entire on-line SiTEL module, they may refer to the NEJM videos as often as necessary throughout their training.

3. Learners should be given adequate time to practice before testing.  It is recommended that an initial practice session should not be scheduled on the same day as a testing session.

4. Ask for Help. As you begin to provide training sessions to your interns/residents, ask for support from MedStar SiTEL or your local hospital contact (Dr. Rebecca Evangelista at MGUH or Dr. Jennifer Yu at MWHC). They can help you deliver the standardized content and answer questions related to CVL testing.