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To schedule learners for a practice or testing session, use the form below to contact MedStar SiTEL at

If you are interested in becoming a Proctor for Central Line Training with MedStar SiTEL, please contact the Central Line Training Administrator by using the contact form below.

For proctor payment questions, use the form below to contact MedStar SiTEL at

For technical assistance with CVL training (logistical support with training space, CVL mannequins, etc.), use the form below contact MedStar SiTEL at
For specific questions regarding practice or training preparation:

Contact Dr. Jennifer Yu (MWHC) at or

Dr. Rebecca Evangelista (MGUH) at

Weather and Emergency Hotline for MedStar SiTEL’s simulation centers can be reached at 202-695-2720.

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